I always have been so busy drinking the nectar, that I’ve never taken the time to smell the flowers.


F/5.6, 1/125, ISO 800.

While enjoying my refreshing beverage at a local coffee shop, and observing the nature around, a butterfly came along for his own drink of nectar. He tasted different kinds of nectars as he jumped from flower to flower flopping his colorful wings. It’s a good life for him, since I had to pay for my coffee.

Interesting Fact: Butterflies can taste with their feet. They have six lets and they each have sensors on them that can tell just by landing on a flower what it taste like. ( http://www.whatdobutterflieseat.info )



  1. The quality of this photo is perfect! Do you know what type of butterfly it is by any chance?

  2. Butterflies are difficult to shoot (at least for me). This is perfectly timed and framed.

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