I Know A Place Where The Grass Is Really Green, Warm, Wet And Wild. There Must Be Something In The Water- A Sea Lion!

california sea lion 2

F/9.0, 1/320, ISO 100.

California Sea Lions have a great life. They eat, sleep, swim, have fun, and sunbath. If it wasn’t for the sharks-it would be a perfect life.

This particular California sea lion looks like he is posing for a dating website with this quote: ” I enjoy swimming, eating, company of others and sunbathing. So Pick Me! ”

Interesting Fact:  The California sea lion is a sleek animal, faster than any other sea lion or seal. These eared seals top out at speeds of some 25 miles (40 kilometers) an hour. ( http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/mammals/california-sea-lion/ )



  1. Now this is a great shot of this big guy sunning himself and he looks like he is totally soaking up the sun.

  2. Douglas Adams reckoned that we thought we were more intelligent than dolphins because all they did was eat fish and have fun in the sea all day, whilst the dolphins new they were more intelligent than us for exactly the same reasons.

    I suppose the same may be said of Sea Lions. 😀

  3. Clearly that should be the new California state motto. California: fastest sea lions on the planet

  4. Hi again Lukas, I see that the comments your followers gave leaves me speechless. This is a great post about your shot.

  5. Thank you for reading and liking Remember. I love the seal lion but especially the white snow egret! Beautiful and I have to follow to see more!

  6. I love going on bus trips where I can snap photos. I keep snapping then delete what I don’t want when I sort them. Some I’ve been turning into videos. I thank my daughter ever day for the camera she bought me.

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