It’s Been A Rough Week So Far… But On Positive Note, I Didn’t Need Any Bail Money And Didn’t Have To Hide Any Bodies!

F/6.3, 1/800, ISO 800.

Rough-legged Hawk

Daughter: “Mom, where do tampons go?”

Mom: “Where the babies come from, darling.”

Daughter “In the stork?”

Check out this really funny jokes:

Interesting Fact: The Rough-legged Hawk’s cliffside nest, a bulky mass of sticks, sometimes contains caribou bones. Nesting pairs need a lot of space: usually only a single pair will nest on a quarter-mile-long cliff. However, the pair may nest within 100 feet of Gyrfalcons, Peregrine Falcons, or Common Ravens. (  )


  1. Good thing your not in jail, I look forward to a good joke and laugh. . And of course a great photo and some education. . .

    • That is a good thing. Hehehe. I am glad that you look forward to see my post. Thank you very much for stopping by and Happy Blogging! 🙂

  2. You’ve given out you source for jokes … and here I thought they were original. : )
    Thanks for sharing. Jan

  3. A good friend of us likes to say: there are 3 categories of jokes: 1) you can always tell; 2) you can tell after a 4th shot of the evening and see what happens; 3) remain silent like the French “e caduc”… So waiting for a better one.

    • Hehehe I think you are right the stork definitely has something to say about that. Thank you very much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us. Happy Blogging!

    • I am so sorry about your Jeep, but I hope that you are ok because that’s what matters the most of all. Thank you very much for stopping by and Happy Blogging! 🙂

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