Life Is More Fun When You Open Your Mouth!

F/7.1, 1/200, ISO 250.

Green Heron

Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl in the bathroom?

Because it has a silent pee.

Interesting Fact: The male selects a secluded site within his territory, usually in a large fork of a tree or bush, with overhanging branches to conceal the nest. Green Herons use many plant species as nest sites pines, oaks, willows, box elder, cedar, honey locust, hickory, sassafrass, and mangroves. The nest is usually on or over the water, but may be up to a half-mile away. It may be anywhere from ground level to 30 feet off the ground (occasionally higher). ( )


  1. When I saw this image I immediately thought of the connection between modern birds and some species of dinosaurs. The pose: the position of the beak (mouth), legs, etc. is so, well, dino like! I have to wonder if your choice of joke was a coincidence or contrived. 😉

    • Definitely a coincidence Hehehe. But now that you mentioned it, works really well together. And I do see the resemblance. Thank you very much for stopping by and and opening my eyes to a new point of view. Happy Blogging! 😊

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