365 Project


This is my 365 project, it is a challenge to take a different photo everyday for 365 days.  

Happy New Year 2015  Bridge  light bulb  canvasback ducks  moon  record player  in the mirror  playing cards  lego  blackhawk helicopters  Northern Pintail  Stuck in a box  jack daniels rye  ninja  NYCskyline  snoopy  great blue heron  eggs  light up chair  NYCPanorama  BookLovers  orange  martini light  American Kestrel  Bufflehead Duck  52 pickup  snowman  nike sneakers1  Marbles  Frame  fire escape  super bowl  one way freez  Devils  Washington Square Arch  extreme sports  welder men  balloons  Peregrine Falcon  Painting Team  Aluminium foil  kodak  creppy  love  gadwall  still in love  Merlin  water tower  ice balls  tulips  Song Sparrow  appliance attack  hooded merganser  happy birthday cutie  happy bday joey  beer  Jenga  graffiti  bald eagles 1  Common Merganser  batteries  watches  making crepes1  European Starling  coin  pheasants  owl  Pink flowers  paint  fog  tic tac toe  frame1  art  Common Merganser 2  idle hand  gentleman jack  st patrick's day  Fried banana  squirrel  snow  Limelight  Ring-necked Duck  Northern Shoveler  Green-winged Teal  vw beetle  converse  helmet  bella 1  horse  ping pong  House Sparrow  Moka pot  Mallard  Monk Parakeets  bunny  Groundhog  Crocus  American Robin  Violin  operation 1  tea pot  phone  face off  Honda S2000  spoons  tron adidas  Tugboat  Red-winged blackbird  Dive mask  piano man  Brant goose  lunch bag  Northern Flicker woodpacker  Cape May Warbler  Eastern Towhee  Fountain  wake up  Yellow Warbler  Northern Cardinal  White-throated Sparrow  tree flowers  Black-and-white Warbler  cartoon  boxing gloves  Horned Grebe  peonies  Cinco de Mayo  Brown-headed Cowbird  Greater Yellowlegs  world map  clue  White-cheeked Pintail  American Flamingo  American Flamingo1  Tricolored Heron  Common Gallinule Chick  Common Gallinule  Bananaquit  Beach  Volkswagen Van Samba  work out  sunglasses  Headphones 1  Paparazzi  Yellow-crowned Night Heron  book  crayons  Diary of a Wimpy Kid  Memorial Day  Rubik’s Cube  jigsaw puzzle  cupcake  RC Cars  gosling  motorcycle in rain  Barn Swallow  eye lenses  monopoly  Great Egret 1  Killdeer  Black-crowned Night-Heron  Gray Catbird  pineapple  Cedar Waxwing  Eastern Kingbird  Lightning Strike Over Hoboken  Double-crested Cormorant  Double-crested Cormorant 1  Snowy Egret 1  Tree Swallow  candlelight  factory  Water Lily  Northern Mockingbird  Brewer's Blackbird  European Starling 1  dragonfly  genie in a bottle  marbles 01  idea  Lampshade  coffee  Raindrops  fire rescue boat  grinder  world for dinner  Demolition Exhibition  Graffiti 1  Pig Roast  statue of liberty 4th july  photography  Ruddy Duck  Pencils  water drop  Lilium  glass  Baltimore Oriole Female  wood duck Female  American Goldfinch  Marsh Wren  heineken star   Blue GrosbeakBarn Swallow 1  candle  photography blow your mind  stove  yellow warbler 1  strawsmoon half  pier a hoboken  Radio City   Sunflower  Common Loon Juvenile  Green Heron  Northern Cardinal 2  Light Pink Gladiolas  Bumblebee  gabriela  attack from above 1  Mourning Dove    grass nyc  Clouds  Eastern Kingbirds  © Through Open lens Photography  European Starling 2  © Through Open lens Photography  Piggy Bank  Greater Yellowlegs 1  street art  cranes  blue eyes  Paddleboarding  Zippo  camshaft  Double-crested Cormorants  north arlington  orange you glad  Bumblebee flower  Mojito  Great Egrets  Sunflowers  tea time  vinyl records  Chinchilla  Orange Truck  audi 2  Red-tailed Hawks  Red-tailed Hawks1  The American Goldfinch  park bench  let's go for a ride  Yellow-breasted Chat  American Oystercatcher  Colgate Clock  Flash  Clothespins  Yellow Warbler 2  Jersey City  September 11  American Kestrel 1  Skunk  House Finch  Cooper's Hawk  American Robin 1  American Kestrel 2  foggy morning  Greater Yellowlegs 3  House Sparrows  campanula  clouds 1  moon 2  sunset  hoboken park  brotherly love  Blood Moon  seashells  coffee 1  Great Blue Heron 1  apple  rain  screws  Goats 1  Snowy Egrets Flock  Killdeer  wooden coaster  Palm Warbler  raining night  Palm Warbler  lathe  Yellow bellied sapsucker juvenile  egg escape  Pied-Billed Grebe Juvenile  American Tree Sparrow  Yellow-Rumped Warbler  Golden-crowned Kinglet  autumn  Peregrine Falcon  Green-winged Teal  mushrooms  halloween mask  the walk  Boston Terrier  Ruddy Duck 1  guitar  sunglasses  spooky candle  Groundhog  Jack-o-lantern  halloween  diner  utensils  autumn night  power supply board  teapot  Empire State Building  love film negative  Ruddy Duck  Loudspeaker  lime  Floppy disk  Binghamton ferry  crane  Gadwall  Red-tailed Hawk  Light Rail  egg  boots  keyboard  Chivas Regal  Louboutin  ninja  The Hamilton Inn  video recording  Tufted Titmouse  Dark-eyed Junco  Yellow Bellied Sapsucker  Carolina Wren  Red-tailed Hawk  Lights Camera Action  money tree  hot chocolate and cookies  rose petals  bikes frames  Belted Kingfisher  Beehive  Christmas ornament  The Elf on the Shelf  Nutcracker  christmas lights  Christmas lights Skyline  nyc christmas tree  House Finch  Charlie Brown christmas tree  don't be erased  cartoon photography  paint  Jersey City Downtown  White-throated Sparrow  Northern Pintail Ducks  idea  Hot chocolate  Christmas gift  christmas eve  Light Your Way  payphones  Northern Cardinal  Duck Duck Goose  White Horse Tavern  mansions  Beavertail Lighthouse


  1. Great shots you definitely have a talent, but I found the pig roasting to be very disturbing. Animals raised for food are no different than a dog or cat and can offer the same companionship, if we give them the chance. It’s a real shame how some animals are viewed in western culture.

    • I am not too proud of the pig photo It was the only photo that o took that day and there for I had to go with it. My apologies, and I can promise you that I won’t go that route again. Thank you very much for stopping by and sharing that means a lot to me. 🙂

  2. I love the yellow crowned night heron with his “non reflection” shadow. It would be a very good photo for me to illustrate the concept of the “real” and “Liminal” worlds where we cross over into an different way of seeing and being with our environment. How would you feel about it if I used it on my blog?

    All of my photos on my blog, so far, are photos I took with my iPhone. But that one! Is perfect for a concept of a new way to relate to the world.

    Thanks for your work.

    • Thank you very much for stopping by and enjoying my work. I am honored that you would like to use my photo for your blog. And yes you of course you can use it. Just throw me a recognition if you don’t mind. Thank you again and Happy Blogging! 🙂

  3. Brilliant idea, resulting in a beautiful collection. Might have to try this some time 🙂 Did you wait for a 1st Jan to start, or just start whenever you had the idea?

    • Thank you, I did waited to January 1 to started. But you can start at any day, I just preferred January 1. It is a lot of fun to do and it improves your photography skills, since you are using the camera everyday. On the other side it does gets really annoying because you are not always in the mood and things come up in your life. You just have to push through those days and don’t stop because at the end of it it is extremely satisfying. You should give it a try. Happy Blogging! 🙂

  4. This is such a beautiful collection of photos.

    • Thank you very much, that was the hardest year for me to juggle work, home, personal life and take a new photo each day and post. Some days I was sick, some days I was tiered and few days I wanted to quit. But on the other side that was the year that I was also most creative and learn a lot. So thank you again for appreciating my work.😊

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