The World is beautiful, most of the time we walk by something really interesting but don’t see it because we always seem to be in a rush. By stopping for a minute in our busy lives, to listen and look around we can see a world that is in constant motion. What I am trying to do here is open your eyes to the world through my open lens. You may see things that you walk by on a daily basis but somehow missed, things that you never seen before but always wanted to, creatures you never knew existed or you may simply share my love for simple things.  But over all I hope you will enjoy my work.


 My interest with photography came to me when I was young.  Seeing pictures of my grandparents and great grandparents opened my curiosity to how a box  like that can “freeze” time. That was so interesting that I started taking shots of everything I saw in that very moment.  Yet, that didn’t go too far since film and picture developing were pricey back then. My passion for photos started in high school when my photography teacher introduced me to a whole new world of picture taking. ( Thanks Mr. D. ) That was the only subject that came naturally to me.  My mind was wondering with ideas I started applying to my work and coming up with tricks that we have not even covered in class yet.  Eventually one of my photos made the cover of a school art magazine. Fast forward a few years and I remember distinctively when I received my first point and shoot digital camera from my brother. That was a Christmas gift that put me back in the game. At that time I owned a promotional company that dealt with providing the right exposure and to promote clubs and bars.  My job was to take photos and create flyers and websites for a particular business.  But the turning point came in 2012 when I got my first DSL camera and started shooting life through a different point of view.  Wildlife became beautiful, landscape started making sense and people became more interesting. And now here I am and here is my work.

  My name is Lukas Kondraciuk and I am a freelance photographer based in NJ, USA .


Contact Me Throughopenlens@gmail.com

Dedicated to my two inspirations:

grandpa  Grendfather Army pic_1

Alexander Kondraciuk & Stanisław Łuczak

Hope You enjoy my work.


    • Thank you very much, I feel really honored to be one of yours top choices. I am glad that you appreciate what I do and Happy Blogging! 🙂

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