Walk this way   4th july  down town jersey city  NYC Storm  down town jersey city  in the mirror  Stuck in a box  NYCPanorama  52 pickup  Frame  extreme sports  Painting Team  still in love  appliance attack  paint  frame1  art  idle hand  st patrick's day  converse  ping pong  Rubik’s Cube factory  genie in a bottle  idea  world for dinner  statue of liberty 4th july  photography blow your mind  American Kestrel 2  moon 2  Blood Moon  don't be erased  paint  happy-new-year-2017  black-capped-chickadee-branch


  1. The creative artist as a genie, shooting images out of his brain, coloring his vision with imagination — good work. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi, I love your take on photography, very inventive! I have so much to learn and am looking everywhere for inspiration, thank you for sharing your unique style! And, thanks for stopping by my blog and checking it out!

    • Thank you very much, I am really glad to see that you enjoyed my work. I also enjoyed your post very much, keep up the good work and Happy Blogging! 🙂

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