Congratulations On Your Engagement Jenn & Matt!


This past weekend I had the pleasure to shoot this lovely couple’s engagement photos. It has been so much fun working with them and I would like to wish them all the best in the future. Congratulations again Jenn & Matt!

engagement 1 engagement 19 engagement 16 engagement 15 engagement 14 engagement 13 engagement 12 engagement 10 engagement 8 engagement 6 engagement 5 engagement 4 engagement 3 engagement 2


Interesting Fact:  The custom of giving engagement rings began as early as the Ancient Egyptian period. Engagement rings are traditionally worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, because the Ancient Egyptian people believed that it contained a vein which led to the heart. ( )



  1. Aww!! I love your pictures!!!💖
    Your amazing with photography I hope to be as good as u one day💗
    Well God bless your talent!!
    And hope u thank him for it:):)
    Well God bless
    -Diana Rodes-

  2. Lukas, thank you so much for the amazing photography you captured for our engagement! Working with you was easy going, fun, and professional. Matt and I will be forever grateful for the memories we can now look back on!
    You have much talent and I look forward to continuing to view your artistic work!
    Thanks again!
    The Happily Enagaged Couple ❤

  3. Amazing photos. You captured love. Have to say I just love love love how you used the Scrabble tiles.

  4. Thanks for liking a post on Your blog looks really interesting so am following.

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