She Said YES!

“It’s a beautiful night, I am looking for something crazy to do. Hey Joanna, I think I wanna marry you.” ( 8:00 PM June 21, 2014 )


F/5.6, 1/125, ISO125

Interesting Fact: Countries such as England, United states, France, and Canada traditionally wear the engagement ring on the left hand. Where as Germany, Russia and India wear the ring on the right hand. ( )


  1. I have a question please.
    The couple are out in what looks like a very open field, with no one else around (there doesn’t appear to be a crowd to hide in).

    You are a photographer with a camera ( a large camera at that , a DSLR I assume) …how did you manage to get the photograph without the lady guessing what was about to happen, and therefore ruining the surprise?

    It’s a wonderful moment 🙂 They will be so pleased to have a record of it. As a New Zealander married to a Dutchman I too found out about the wedding ring left/right thing when we married, Dutch family members expected the rings to be on the right hand. . We both opted for the left hand for ours (for me it was the only way it felt correct on the left, Himself was easy either way).

    Excellent looking blog 🙂 !

    • Thank you very much for stopping by and share that with us. So the couple in the picture is my fiancé and I. My fiancé is used to me have a camera with me at most of the time. We away for a week in the country and before going to dinner I told her we should take some photos with us dressed up in the field. I had the camera on the tripod with a remote in my hand. So if you look really closely you can actually see the remote in my hand pointing at the camera. 🙂

    • Yes, I feel life is so interesting and we don’t have enough time to learn all of it but one thing a day it’s a start. Thank you very much for stopping by and checking out my work. 🙂

  2. I’m enjoying your photos and the blog. I like the concept of one photo and an interesting fact.

  3. Wonderful how artistic creation preserves the moment and makes it transcend time. We can always go back and relive the moment through the art work. Very good photograph! Excellent composition.

    • That is amazing I am sure it is beautiful there I am jealous. Thank you very much for stopping by and checking out my work. Happy Blogging! 🙂

  4. Wow…this is nice! You managed to create the illusion of the two you alone in the universe, meaning everything to each other. I like it – especially the vibrant green making life so worth it and the two of you there to enjoy it. Am stealing this!

    • Thank you very much, I am very pleased to see that you enjoyed it. And to make it even better this is actually proposal. She thought we were going to take picture before dinner. She didn’t expect me to propose. If you look closer you see the remote control to the camera in my hand. Happy Blogging! 🙂

  5. Hey friend, thanks for liking by blog. And nice moment to be here at your blog. Big Congratulations!!!

  6. Congrats! Lovely photograph. I really like your blog!

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