Brotherly Love

brotherly love

F/5.6, 1/60, ISO 400.

Day 269 / 365

What did the beach say to the wave?…

“Long tide, no sea.”

Interesting Fact: Most beaches are found on the coast, where wave action, currents, tides and seawater rises continuously rework and shape the sediment. As a result, beaches are usually regarded as dynamic, natural phenomenon.  ( )


She Said YES!

“It’s a beautiful night, I am looking for something crazy to do. Hey Joanna, I think I wanna marry you.” ( 8:00 PM June 21, 2014 )


F/5.6, 1/125, ISO125

Interesting Fact: Countries such as England, United states, France, and Canada traditionally wear the engagement ring on the left hand. Where as Germany, Russia and India wear the ring on the right hand. ( )

Happiness is contagious

Gabriella mason 0456 Markiza

Be so happy that when others look at You they become happy too!

Interesting Fact: The most powerful way to increase your short-term feelings of happiness is to perform random acts of kindness to others. Five such acts in a week will increase your happiness for up to three months.

1st Photo F/5.6, 1/60, ISO 500

2nd Photo f/5.3, 1/60, ISO 320

3rd Photo F/6.3, 1/250, ISO100

4th Photo F/5.6, 1/125, ISO400