Can You Complete My Puzzle?

jigsaw puzzle

F/13.0, 1/60, ISO 200.

Day 147 / 365

Life is like a Puzzle, only you have all the missing pieces and only you can put it all together.    🙂

Interesting Fact: The first jigsaw puzzle was created in 1767 when John Spilsbury, an English cartographer, chopped up a wooden map of Britain and challenged the public to reassemble it. He called it a “dissected puzzle.” ( )



  1. This reminds me of one of my favourite pieces or art I made years ago. I bought a cheap round jig saw, completed it then turned it over. I then took it apart a piece at a time and painted each piece with poster paints. Then once dried I turned it over and placed it on a clip frame backing, taking out a few pieces at random and then completed the framing so those few just laid near the otherwise completed jig saw! Nothing more eye catching than an incomplete jigsaw when you can see the way to complete it.

    • Wow that sounds amazing I wish that I could have seen that. Thank you for stopping by and sharing this awesome story with us. So Cool! 🙂

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