The Magic Bus!

Volkswagen Van Samba

F/5.6, 54.0, ISO 160.

Day 136 / 365

Let’s take a trip somewhere.     🙂

Interesting Fact: The Volkswagen Van Samba, in the United States also known as Sunroof Deluxe, was the most luxurious version of the Volkswagen Transporter T1. Volkswagen started producing Sambas in 1951. In the sixties this version became popular as a hippie bus. Originally Volkswagen Vans were classified according to the number of windows they had. This particular model had 23 and later 21 windows including eight panoramic windows in the roof. To distinguish it from the normal 23 or 21-window Volkswagen van the name Samba was coined. Instead of a sliding door at the side the Samba had two pivot doors. In addition the Samba had a fabric sunroof. At that time Volkswagen advertised with the idea of using the Samba to make tourist trips through the Alps.  ( )


      • A then boyfriend helped me retro fit it, too, so we took out the back seat, put in a platform and put a full sized foam bed on it, but a built in little “bookcase” in front of that for supplements, books, etc. and on the side, put a bench with foam seats and the top lifted up so stuff could be stored there, as well as under the platform. I put up curtains on all windows. It was great for car camping. I loved to drive it, in fact it was my most favorite vehicle so far as it was so comfortable to sit in and drive and so adaptable. Even drove through snow well.

      • From the way you described it, it sounds like a amazing ride you had. Perfect for camping. That is so cool. They don’t build the cars how they use to. 🙂

      • I’ve looked online and there are some amazing retrofitted VW vans for sale now.

      • After hearing about your very I have looked on line as well. It would be pretty cool to have one. Is that means that you going to pick one up ? 🙂

      • If I was in a place to house one and decided to own more than one vehicle I’d love to have a revamped bus. I did end up putting a couple new engines in my old bus, so I’d want to have a good mechanic on board if I was to own a busy again. They have got such cool ones for sale now though. They don’t make them anymore, so people have taken old ones and revamped them.

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