Behind The Blue Eyes

blue eyes

F/7.1, 1/60, ISO 125.

Day 226 / 365

A guy walks past a mental hospital and hears a moaning voice “… 13 … 13 … 13 …”

The man looked over to the hospital and saw a hole in the wall, he looked through the hole and gets poked in the eye. The moaning voice then groaned “… 14 … 14 … 14 …”

Interesting Fact:  Blue eyes are more sensitive to light than darker-colored eyes since they do not have as much melanin. This sensitivity can make blue-eyed people more prone to problems like melanoma of the eyes. For this reason, they should be more vigilant about protecting their eyes against too much sun exposure by wearing sunglasses or making sure their prescription glasses include protection from ultraviolet rays. ( )






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