wake up

F/16.0, 1/60, ISO 250.

Day 115 / 365

Wouldn’t you like to payback your alarm clock?

Interesting Fact: Some people think that an alarm clock was first made in Germany. That alarm clock was made in the 1400’s. It was a clock that hung on the wall. The clock was made of iron with a bronze bell. It was very heavy. Other people think that the alarm clock was invented in Turkey. In 1559, a scientist named Taqi Al-Din invented a special clock.  ( http://www.facts4me.com/disp_subject.php?s_id=995 )



  1. When we retired, we threw ours ceremniously out the window – had to get another one later though…

    • Haha that’s awesome and a funny. I hope I can do the same when I retire. Thank you for stopping by and sharing this with us. 🙂

  2. That moment when my alarm clock can’t wake me up on weekdays but can on weekends 😦

  3. LMBO – that’s exactly what it feels like when my alarm goes off. You captured the moment perfectly!!

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