I Will Grant You Three Wishes… Maybe!?

genie in a bottle

F/ 18.0 , 1/60, ISO 250, Photoshop CS6.

Day 173 / 365

An older couple were walking on a beach when the husband tripped over a bottle and a genie came out. “You can each have one wish,” said the genie. The wife made her wish first “I would like to travel around the world, with my husband,”. Suddenly there appeared in her hand two tickets for travel around the world. Now it was the husbands turn, “Well” said the husband, with a naughty look on his face “I wish I can have a younger companion,” . The words were barely out of his mouth when poof, he aged 20 years!

Interesting Fact: Recorded from the mid 17th century (denoting a guardian or protective spirit), the word comes via French from Latin base of genius. Génie was adopted in the current sense by the 18th-century French translators of The Arabian Nights’ Entertainments, because of its resemblance in form and sense to Arabic jinnī jinn.
let the genie out of the bottle let loose or lose control of an unpredictable force, start an uncontrollable chain of events. Sometimes in the form, you can’t put the genie back in the bottle. ( http://www.encyclopedia.com/topic/genie.aspx )



  1. Love your image…that’s one serious genie! And your words did make me smile 😀

    • Maybe the genie was sleeping and he’s grumpy because someone woke him up. Haha. And that is second smile already, I’m improving. 🙂

  2. Outstanding, creative, Image. Wish I knew how to do that stuff, but can’t afford CS6.

  3. This is so creative. Great execution of the genie. WOW!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ew, thanks.. I’ll remember this, just in case one does ask me. 🙂
    But you still owe me one wish.. maybe!?

  5. I need a genie in a bottle! You are so clever Lukas!

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