Hidden Artwork!


F/4.0, 1/60, ISO 800.

Day 58 /365

I came across one of the PAWN Art Work.  Pawn is a muralist residing in Jersey City that specializes in freehand aerosol graffiti and street art themed work. For nearly 15 years, Pawn has been mastering his craft. Pursuing his passion to leave behind a body of work that the public can freely view, enjoy, and gain inspiration from.  ( http://www.pawnmd.com )

Interesting Fact: The word graffiti comes from the Greek word ‘graphein’ which means ‘to write’. Graffiti was first found on ancient Roman architecture, although back in them days there was no such thing as spray paint, they calved images out on walls. ( http://www.thefactsite.com/2009/10/facts-about-graffiti.html )



  1. Judging from the beginning decay, your negative may well have a longer life than the original. Thank you for archiving this beauty!

  2. Even though I have not commented on your Posts, I have been watching. One thing I’ve noticed is that you have some interesting facts about them. There are some very nice “Graffiti” that I have seen. Not just scribbling on a wall or rail car. Some of it is very colorful and done with taste. Regards ~ Les

    • Thank you for enjoying my work, that means a lot to me. And I agree with you about Graffitis there is a lot of nice work their. I was really happy when I came across this one. 🙂

    • Thank you very much, that’s a lot of work they put in to it and it is truly amazing art work. I will try to find other work by that group. 🙂

      • I would love to be able to find some really good graffiti around here where I live. I haven’t seen any, yet. I look forward to seeing more of them from you 🙂

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