Parakeets Guard Post!

Monk Parakeets

F/6.3, 1/125, ISO 1600.

Monk Parakeets

Black and White  Day 5 of 5

Day 93 / 365

” I will watch this side, you take the other side and no one will slip by us “.

Interesting Fact: Its large, communal nests of sticks are easily identifiable and are often built on support poles of electrical lines. ( )

I was challenged by Cynthia at  to take up the Black and White 5-Day Challenge.  Part of the fun is to nominate another blogger, one on each day.

Today, I nominate Susan  of Susan, if you accept, the goal is to post one B&W photo each day for five days, and to nominate a fellow blogger each day to join in.

There is no pressure to accept this challenge. It’s just for fun!    🙂


  1. I love this image: it speaks to me of how precarious life can be yet we need only meet life as it comes, one step at a time or, one flight at a time.

    • Thank you that is an amazing comment, I am really glad I can produce image that speaks to people. Thank you for stopping by and happy blogging. 🙂

  2. Great picture! I would love to see it in colour too. I used to have a pet quaker (monk parakeet) and he was full of personality although thankfully no nest building! 😃

  3. I really like this image in black and white. It gives depth to the details. Thank you again for including me in your Black and White Photo challenge.

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