Don’t Sneak Up On Me! I See You!

White-throated Sparrow

F/6.3, 1/640, ISO 800.

White-throated Sparrow

Day 118 / 365

How does a bird with a broken wing manage to land safely?
With its sparrowchute.

Interesting Fact: The White-throated Sparrow comes in two color forms: white-crowned and tan-crowned. The two forms are genetically determined, and they persist because individuals almost always mate with a bird of the opposite morph. Males of both color types prefer females with white stripes, but both kinds of females prefer tan-striped males. White-striped birds are more aggressive than tan-striped ones, and white-striped females may be able to outcompete their tan-striped sisters for tan-striped males. ( )


  1. I thought you were about to get into something deep by using a metaphor about a bird with a broken wing. And then the …”sparrowchute.” Cute.

    Great photo.

    • I go to parks, woods, lakes, and anywhere else where I could find a wildlife. Some times I get lucky and get a shot right away but most of the time I sneak around, climb trees, lay on the ground for few hours it all depends on situation. Thank you very much for stopping by and enjoying my work. 🙂

    • Thank you very much, I appreciate you stopping by and checking out my work. I am truly happy to make people laugh. 🙂

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