Finally Got it!


F/ 5.6, 1/320, ISO 640, Photoshop CS6.

Day 175 / 365

A man rides in on Friday, stays two nights three days and then leaves on Friday.

How is that possible?

His horse was named Friday.


Interesting Fact: In 1850 an English physicist named Joseph Wilson Swan created a “light bulb” by enclosing carbonized paper filaments in an evacuated glass bulb. And by 1860 he had a working prototype, but the lack of a good vacuum and an adequate supply of electricity resulted in a bulb whose lifetime was much too short to be considered an effective prodcer of light. However, in the 1870’s better vacuum pumps became available and Swan continued experiments on light bulbs. In 1878, Swan developed a longer lasting light bulb using a treated cotton thread that also removed the problem of early bulb blackening. ( )



  1. Your joke reminded me of flying to Australia from New York. Going there takes two days. Coming back takes one. Same distance. I’m suposed to go ther soon and I have to explain to some folks why a one day flight takes two days.

    • Yes it is very similar. And i am sure it’s gets annoying explaining that to people. Thank you for stopping by and sharing that with us. 🙂

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