I Found Fountain Of Youth, But I Wasn’t Thirsty.

hoboken park

F/10.0, 30.0, ISO 100.

Day 268 / 365

A drunk falls into one of the fountains in Trafalgar Square. Floundering around, he looks up and sees Nelson standing on his column.

“Donโ€™t jump!” he shouts. “This is the shallow end!”

Interesting Fact: The ancient Greeks were apparently the first to use aqueducts and gravity-powered fountains to distribute water. According to ancient historians, fountains existed in Athens, Corinth, and other ancient Greek cities in the 6th century BC as the terminating points of aqueducts which brought water from springs and rivers into the cities. In the 6th century BC the Athenian ruler Peisistratos built the main fountain of Athens, the Enneacrounos, in the Agora, or main square. It had nine large cannons, or spouts, which supplied drinking water to local residents. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fountain )



  1. Amazing to know now it’s remind me when I was in Segovia , Spain where I visited the old aqueduct that roman build during that time, and maybe they learn it from the Greek technology and the river is like 140km away from the aqueduct and they only use manual labor.to build and run.

  2. I like this picture. It has clarity, so there is no doubt what it is about. Additionally, it also has some mystery to it; it makes me want to enter it to find out more of what’s going on. Nice capture. When I think of aqueducts, I think of the Rio Grande here in Las Cruces, NM. It’s about time they turn off the river for the winter! Unfortunately, the Rio Grande is nothing more than an irrigation ditch here. They close the dam after growing season and the river is just sand until next summer. Oh, well. I still like the desert.

    • Thank you very much for enjoying my photo and appreciate you sharing this information about river. New Mexico is awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚

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