You Don’t Know Quack!

Ruddy Duck 1

F/ 13.0, 1/640, ISO 800.

Ruddy Duck

Day 298 / 365

A man and a duck are walking down the street together. Suddenly the man notices a low-flying airplane coming right for them. The man yells “DUCK!!!!” and the duck looks back at the man with an angry face and yells “MAN!!!!”

Interesting Fact: Ruddy Ducks are very aggressive toward each other and toward other species, especially during the breeding season. They are even known to chase rabbits feeding on the shore. ( )


  1. A man I knew was presenting a bird of prey demonstration, in England, in front of an audience that contained a large number of French schoolchildren. At one point in the display, a Peregrine Falcon was being called in over the heads of the audience to chase its lure. In keeping with normal practice, he yelled ‘Duck!’, whereupon most of the audience members dipped their heads to avoid the risk of being struck by the bird, which was flying at more than 100mph (160kph). The French children didn’t budge. Searching his limited French, he shouted the only word he knew for duck. ‘Canard!’, he yelled.
    The French children all looked up…

    • I am happy to see that it did. I do enjoy very much so to make people laugh. Thank you very much for stopping by and checking out my work. 🙂

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