Im Quite Fawned Of You My Deer


F/6.3, 1/640, ISO 200.


Two hunters were dragging their dead deer back to their car. Another hunter approached pulling his along too.
“Hey, I don’t want to tell you how to do something … but I can tell you that it’s much easier if you drag the deer in the other direction. Then the antlers won’t dig into the ground.”
After the third hunter left, the two decided to try it.
A little while later one hunter said to the other, “You know, that guy was right. This is a lot easier!”
“Yeah, but we’re getting farther from the truck,” the other added.

Interesting Fact:Β  “White-tailed” refers to the white underside of the deer’s tail, which it displays and wags when it senses danger. ( )




  1. Very nice Image of the 3 White Tails. The White Tail Deer is one of the most common deer around this area of mine. Even though they are very common here, it is surprising that you don’t see them all that much. Usually they can be found in the open fields late in the evening or early in the morning hours looking for food to eat. They are very spooky and can see you coming way before you see them. They have a excellent sense of smell and can hear the slightest noise that is not familiar in their area, but their eye sight is not that good. They are a joy to see all the time. Some friends of ours have deer like this that will come right up to them and look for a hand-out of corn or acorns. An apple will work wonders. In the Spring Mother Deer will even bring her Fawn out along with her. She is so darn cute to see. Be Well.

    • Thank is amazing thank you very much for sharing all of that with us. I don’t see them that often I have to live the city to capture a photo of them. Thank you again. πŸ™‚

  2. WOW.!! Very beautiful pictures Lukasz..! Great shot..! 🍁

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