Keep Calm And Swim On!

Common Loon Juvenile

F/6.3, 1/1000, ISO 560.

Common Loon ( Juvenile )

Day 208 /365

How do people swimming in the ocean say HI to each other?

They Wave!

Interesting Fact: Loons are well equipped for their submarine maneuvers to catch fish. Unlike most birds, loons have solid bones that make them less buoyant and better at diving. They can quickly blow air out of their lungs and flatten their feathers to expel air within their plumage, so they can dive quickly and swim fast underwater. Once below the surface, the loon’s heart slows down to conserve oxygen. ( )



  1. I just got nominated for the Sunshine bloggers award. I don’t follow through on all the rules but did put your link on my post about it and gave a shout out to your blog.

  2. What a lovely commentary ! Catchy too ! The facts mentioned are Educative to a person who knows nothing about the birds.Great ! Keep going !

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