Park Closes At Dusk!

park bench

F/10.0, 30.0, ISO 100.

Day 245 / 365

I woke up on a park bench and had no idea where I had been

And then I remembered, I’d been to the park

Interesting Fact: The first parks were English deer parks,[citation needed] land set aside for hunting by royalty and the aristocracy in medieval times. They had walls or thick hedges around them to keep game animals (e.g., stags) in and people out. It was strictly forbidden for commoners to hunt animals in these deer parks. ( )



  1. Ooh this is nice. I’ve been meaning to get into some night photography. Hopefully sometime soon.

    • Thank you very much, it makes me very happy to see that you enjoyed my work. You should definitely do it night photography is a lot of fun. πŸ™‚

      • Any suggestions on where to start? My 35mm f1.8 shoots okay in the dark, can get some decent shots.

      • That lens will be great for it. Use the tripod and shutter speed mode. Lowest ISO and play around whit speed. πŸ™‚

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