Duck Punk!

hooded merganser female

F/6.3, 1/500, ISO 250.

Hooded Merganser ( Female )

Duck Week Continues!

What do ducks like to eat?


Interesting Fact: Hooded Mergansers find their prey underwater by sight. They can actually change the refractive properties of their eyes to improve their underwater vision. In addition, they have an extra eyelid, called a “nictitating membrane,” which is transparent and helps protect the eye during swimming, like a pair of goggles. ( )



  1. Oh my goodness!! That poofy “hair”!!! Hahaha!! It’s so cute…!!!
    Great photo, by the way.

  2. Who says birds cannot be as extravagant as some young people? He’s probably into hip-hop too! Lovely bird, beautiful shot!

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