POLLEN: When Flowers Can’t Keep It In Their Plants.

F/14.0, 1/60, ISO 250.


Why did the gardener plant a light bulb?

She wanted to grow a power plant!

Interesting Fact: Daylilies are perennial plants, whose name alludes to the flowers which typically last no more than 24 hours (about a day or so). The flowers of most species open in early morning and wither during the following night, possibly replaced by another one on the same scape (flower stalk) the next day. Some species are night-blooming. Daylilies are not commonly used as cut flowers for formal flower arranging, yet they make good cut flowers otherwise as new flowers continue to open on cut stems over several days. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daylily#Etymology )


  1. You really are an amazing photographer, being able to capture the slightest details like the dew drops on the flower petals…

    • Thank you very much, I am really glad to see that you enjoyed my work. I appreciate your feedback and Happy Blogging! 🙂

    • Thank you very much, I am glad that it did. It is getting harder to come up with fun titles. I appreciate you stopping by and checking out my work. Happy Blogging! 🙂

  2. I’m glad that daylily was modest.

    I have found the best variety of daylilies are the wild orange ones by the road. If you stop and harvest some and divide them, you’ll have a good stand of them next summer.

    • Oh yeah, they grow almost everywhere and they spread like crazy. Thank you very much for stopping by and sharing. Happy Blogging! 🙂

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