“Make Sure You Get My Good Side.”


F/6.3, 1/50, ISO 1600.


Day 134 /365

Why do birds fly south for the winter?
Because it’s too far to walk!

Interesting Fact: It uses its sharp beak to pierce a flower from the side, taking the nectar without actually pollinating the plant. They cannot hover like a hummingbird, and must always perch while feeding. ( http://identify.whatbird.com/obj/1014/overview/Bananaquit.aspx )



  1. This gave me a good chuckle 😃 I would have to see his other side to judge if this is his “good side” 😜

    • I agree, everywhere I moved to get a different side of him he would move with me and only show that side. So this is how I came up with this title. 🙂

  2. What a fascinating looking bird with an equally fascinating name! 🙂

      • In the Dominican Republic – how nice! And such a beautiful photo to remember him by. 🙂

      • I can imagine the fun you had. I hope to visit there some day, too. 🙂

    • This is a bird called “Bananaquit”. I was shooting in Dominican Republic this week and this is where I photographed him. 🙂

    • You are welcome, I am very happy that I can share that with you. I appreciate you stopping by and checking out my work. 🙂

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