SNOW!!! And Away I GO!!!

Common Merganser flying

F/5.3, 1/160, ISO 800.

Common Merganser

What did the parrot say when he saw a duck?

Polly want a quacker!

Interesting Fact: Common Mergansers are sometimes called sawbills, fish ducks, or goosanders. The word “merganser” comes from the Latin and roughly translates to “plunging goose”—a good name for this very large and often submerged duck. ( )

“Just Don’t Call Me Tweety Bird”!

Baltimore Oriole  Female

F/6.3, 1/1000, ISO 500.

Baltimore Oriole ( Female )

Day 192 / 365

When should you buy a bird?

When it’s going cheep!

Interesting Fact: Baltimore Orioles sometimes use their slender beaks to feed in an unusual way, called “gaping”: they stab the closed bill into soft fruits, then open their mouths to cut a juicy swath from which they drink with their brushy-tipped tongues.  ( )