Don’t Forget To Set Your Scales Back 15 lbs Tonight.

F/6.3, 1/50, ISO 500.

Wild Turkey Male

What happened then the Turkey got into a fight?

He got the stuffing knocked out of him.

Interesting Fact: They display for females by strutting with their tails fanned, wings lowered, while making nonvocal hums and chump sounds. Males breed with multiple mates and form all-male flocks outside of the breeding season, leaving the chick-rearing to the females, The chicks travel in a family group with their mother, often combining with other family groups to form large flocks of young turkeys accompanied by two or more adult females. ( )




  1. Love the title! Great capture of this guy in full strut mode. There is something magnificent about a robust male out standing in the fall stubble field.

    • Yes it definitely is, I really enjoyed watching them when I come across them. Thank you very much for stopping by and checking out my post. Happy Blogging! πŸ™‚

  2. Great idea about the scales!! Enjoying all your post.

  3. Good looking Tom Turkey. I’ve had many fights with Tom turkeys in my younger days.

  4. This one is too funny! Got the stuffing knocked out of him🀣🀣 Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family πŸπŸ‚πŸ¦ƒ

  5. I love your sense of humor and also the beautiful photograph of the male turkey. I once had a quilt appraisal (a side line of mine) day up around Santa Barbara, California, and I stayed on a farm with a woman and her husband (children all grown up and away on their own). They had this Tom turkey and his ladies, and they followed him around like the beauty he was, and he was the friendliest turkey I ever met. I went with the lady out on another part of their farm where they had horses, and they were getting fed (the turkeys had already eaten theirs) and they followed us all over, him telling us his story all the way, and if we turned around and looked at him, he would get so happy and excited and his crop would turn blue and he would spread his feathers out beautifully and his chest would go out, so proud. I went to sleep happily that night and when I woke up and looked out the window, he was standing there with his entourage, and when he saw me, he immediately showed his beauty for me and was talking a mile a minute. Later after we went through the whole thing again when we took their feed out, he actually came up and let me pet him, and I could see that he was truly a pet. I have had relatives who raised Thanksgiving turkeys, and they were not anything like this fellow. And when we drove out, he ran out to the edge of the property behind us, all his ladies following and then he stood watching as we drove out onto the road. So I think I will always LOVE turkeys, and if I ever find one like that gentleman, I will make him my pet forever. Thank you for your fun notes and the beautiful photography.

    • Wow, that is an amazing story. Thank you very much for stopping by and sharing it with us. It is quite awesome how how some birds act. Happy Blogging! πŸ™‚

      • Awww Thank you so very much, I truly appreciate your feedback and your interest. Some photos comes very easy, as long as I get my camera up in time and some photos require me sitting in one spot for hours. 😊

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