Do Not Disturb!

F/14.0, 1/250, ISO 200.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic Beach

What is the best day to go to the beach?

Sunday, of course!

Interesting Fact: Fraser Island off the coast of Queensland, Australia, is the largest sand island in the world covering around 163,000 ha and it has a beach 65 km (40 mi) long. ( )

Dancing In The Street


F/4.0, 1/60, ISO 800.

Why don’t dogs make good dancers?

Because they have two left feet!

Interesting Fact: Archeological evidence for early dance includes 9,000-year-old paintings in India at the Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka, and Egyptian tomb paintings depicting dancing figures, dated c. 3300 BC. It has been proposed that before the invention of written languages, dance was an important part of the oral and performance methods of passing stories down from generation to generation.[5] The use of dance in ecstatic trance states and healing rituals (as observed today in many contemporary “primitive” cultures, from the Brazilian rainforest to the Kalahari Desert) is thought to have been another early factor in the social development of dance. ( )

Cinderella Is Proof That A New Pair Of Shoes Can Change Your Life


F/4.2 , 1/60, ISO 200.

Day 325 / 365

A woman shopping for shoes does better research than the FBI.

Interesting Fact: Louboutin helped bring stilettos back into fashion in the 1990s and 2000s,[citation needed] designing dozens of styles with heel heights of 120 mm (4.72 inches) and higher. The designer’s professed goal has been to “make a woman look sexy, beautiful, to make her legs look as long as [he] can”.[23][24] While he does offer some lower-heeled styles, Louboutin is generally associated with his dressier evening-wear designs incorporating jeweled straps, bows, feathers, patent leather, red soles, and other similar decorative touches. He is most popularly known for the red leather soles on his high heel shoes, commonly referred to as “sammy red-bottoms”.[25] Christian Louboutin’s red-bottom colour code is Pantone 18-1663 TPX. ( )

Those Boots Are Made For Walking


F/5.3, 1/60, ISO 200.

Day 322 / 365

A little boy was standing and crying in the classroom, so the teacher asked him what was wrong. “I can’t find my boots,” the little boy sobbed.
The teacher looked around the room and saw a pair of boots. “Are these yours?” she asked. “No, those aren’t mine,” he cried.
The teacher and the little boy searched all over the classroom for his boots. Finally, the teacher gave up and said, “Are you SURE those aren’t your boots?” “Yes, I’m sure,” sobbed the boy. “Mine had snow on them!”

Interesting Fact: Early boots consisted of separate leggings, soles, and uppers worn together to provide greater ankle protection than shoes or sandals. Around 1000 BC, these components were more permanently joined to form a single unit that covered the feet and lower leg, often up to the knee. A type of soft leather ankle boots were worn by nomads in eastern Asia, and carried to China to India and Russia around AD 1200 to 1500 by Mongol invaders. The Inuit and Aleut natives of Alaska developed traditional winter boots of caribou skin or sealskin featuring decorative touches of seal intestine, dog hair and wolverine fur. 17th century European boots were influenced by military styles, featuring thick soles and turnover tops that were originally designed to protect horse mounted soldiers. In the 1700s, distinctive, knee-high boots worn by Hessian soldiers fighting in the American Revolutionary War influenced the development of the iconic heeled cowboy boots worn by cattlemen in the American west. ( )

Style Is Away To Say Who You Are Without Having To Speak

the walk

F/ 5.3, 1/60, ISO 320.

Day 296 / 365

I’ve never understood the fashion industry, those people are so clothes minded.

Interesting Fact:  The first official Fashion Week started in 1943 in New York. Its main purpose was to distract the attention away from French fashion during World War II and kickstart the way for American designers. ( )



F/5.6, 1/125, ISO 140.

Day 140 / 365

Pants: Anthropologie

Sweatshirt: Abercrombie and Fitch

Necklaces: J.Crew

Shoes: INC

Bag: Zara

Sunglasses: Le Specs


Interesting Fact:  In the 1500s, fashion designers showed off their clothing by putting it on miniature dolls. There were no such thing as models until 1853. ( )

Never Can Get Enough!

still in love

F/16.0, 1/60, ISO 250, Photoshop CS6.

Day 46 / 365.

Valentine’s day is over and the love continues.

Interesting Fact: The term “love” is from the Sanskrit lubhyati, meaning “desire.”. ( )

Just Did It!

nike sneakers1

F/13.0, 1/60, ISO 100.

Day 28 / 365

Sneaker so light, I had to nail it down or it would fly away.  🙂

Interesting Fact: The Nike swoosh was designed by Portland State University student Carolyn Davidson, for just $35 (just over $200 in today’s currency). At a later stage she was given stock that is now worth more than $640,000. ( )