Kris Kross Will Make You Jump Jump!

F/11.0, 1/500, ISO 200.

Snowy Egret

Why did the barber win the race?

Because he took a short cut.

Interesting Fact:  Male and female Snowy Egrets take turns incubating their eggs. As one mate takes over for the other, it sometimes presents a stick, almost as if passing a baton. Both parents continue caring for the young when they hatch. ( )


  1. This reminds me, one time I found a funny photo of a jaguar on his hind legs twisting his body. I shared it on Facebook and wrote, “I got the moves like jaguar, I got the moves like jaguar, I got the mooooves like jaguar.” Everyone loved it. I have to find it and make a blog post of it. YOU INSPIRED ME! πŸ™‚

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