Don’t Make Me Walk When I Want To Fly!

F/13.0, 1/640, ISO 250.

Red-tailed Hawk

How do trees access the internet?

They log in.

Interesting Fact: Red-tailed Hawks occupy just about every type of open habitat on the continent. This includes desert, scrublands, grasslands, roadsides, fields and pastures, parks, broken woodland, and (in Mexico) tropical rainforest. ( )


  1. Spectacular photo !! I also loved the title … “Don’t make me walk, when I want to fly!” … super !!!
    As always, loved the joke. I share your jokes with my husband … he loves them, too. jan

  2. Magnificent birds – I’ve done raptor rehabilitation in the past and have a special affinity
    for all raptors.

  3. I love Red-tailed Hawks (RTHA). I’ve captured hundreds of images of them over the years since they are one of the most visible raptors in the country. More recently, I’ve been watching American Crows mobbing RTHAs since they’re notorious nest robbers. I did an internship at with a raptor rehabilitator and worked with RTHAs a lot, an absolutely stunning bird.

    • That is really awesome that you did that. You must have dealt with some interesting raptors during your internship. Thank you very much for stopping by, checking out my work and I appreciate you sharing with us. Happy Blogging! 🙂

  4. Absolutely love your humorous captions and more importantly, seeing your fantastic photos! Thank you SO much for posting the settings. We have a red tail hawk who lives here on our property and I have often wondered if I could capture him in flight. Checking out your shutter speed gives me hope!! Thank you😆

    • That’s awesome, I am really glad that I am able to help. Thank you very much for stopping by, sharing with us and I hope you finally catch that Red Tail in flight. Happy Blogging! 🙂

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