Kinda Classy Kinda Hood

F/6.3, 1/500, ISO 220.

Hooded Merganser ( Female )

When is a door sweet and tasty?

When it’s jammed!

Interesting Fact: Unlike dabbling ducks, Hooded Mergansers swim low in the water. Their legs are far back on their bodies, which helps in diving but makes them awkward on land. They take flight by running across the water, flying with fast wingbeats and never gliding until they are about to land (by skidding to a stop on the water). ( )





  1. That puck duck is sweet, jamming and a-door-able. Excellent shot.

  2. I had to laugh out loud for this one. Duck reminds me of “Bride of Frankenstein” with the tall frizzie hair and white stripes. Movie was made in 1935, with Boris Karloff and Elsa Lanchester . Check out wiki for a picture.

    • Hahaha. She does look like her 😂. Thank you very much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us. Happy Blogging! 🙂

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