That Ducking Motherquacker!

F/10.0, 1/1600, ISO 800. 

Common Merganser

What’s the secret to telling a good postman joke?

It’s all in the delivery

Interesting Fact: Males chase each other during communal courtship displays, sometimes bumping or striking each other. Females sometimes lay their eggs in other ducks’ nests, including other Common Mergansers as well as Hooded Mergansers or Common Goldeneyes.  ( )


  1. The water surface behind them looks like there are others diving for fish. Also, is that a Mallard crashing the party? Interesting that the guys and gals are swimming together.

    • Thank you very much, I am pretty sure there were others diving for sure. And actually that is a male Common Merganser with the green head and 4 female Common Mergansers with him. Males do look a little like Mallards. I appreciate you stopping by and checking out my post. Happy Blogging! 🙂

  2. It looks like the one motherducker is out numbered by the other quackheads. I’ve know a few postmen who are jokes because they can’t deliver.

    • Hahaha. That is awesome 👏 bravo. Thank you very much for stopping by and bring laughter to my day. Thank you again and Happy Blogging! 🙂

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